Deep Freezer

The GFL Deep Freezer range comprises 18 models with seven different cabinet capacities between 30 and 500 litres. Chest and Upright Freezers are designed for ultra-low temperatures of ± 0 °C to -40 °C and -50 °C to -85 °C. They have the CE mark and are maintenance-free.

  • Chest freezer
  • Upright freezer



Water Bath

5 different kinds of GFL Water Baths offer reliable, robust and universally applicable every-day laboratory service for exact temperature work.

  • Incubation/Inactivation baths
  • Water bath for evaporation
  • Water bath for fume hoods
  • Multiple water baths
  • Tissue float bath




GFL Incubators take a top position in the market. Three product groups cover various applications in laboratories. A broad range of accessories enlarges the benefit for the user.

  • Shaking incubator
  • Hybridisation incubator
  • Mini incubator
  • Mini tube roller incubator




15 different model variants of GFL Shakers offer 6 types of motion. They have an either digital or analogue control and a max. load of 1.2 to 30 kgs.

  • Orbital shakers
  • Reciprocating shakers
  • Orbital rocking shakers
  • Orbital shakers
  • Vibration shaker
  • Overhead rotator
  • Test tube rotating shaker


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