Labnet International understands the need for precision, quality, and reliability in bioresearch equipment. Whether you’re conducting experiments in medical research, forensic biology, DNA analysis, or organic chemistry, they guarantee their products will meet and exceed your high expectations.


  • Centrifuges and centrifuge accessories
    • Mini centrifuges
    • Micro-centrifuges
    • Filtration centrifuges
    • Compact research centrifuges

  • Pipettes and Liquid Handling Equipment
    • Fastpette and BioPette Pipette Controllers
    • LabPette Repeating Laboratory Pipette
    • Labnet Excel Electronic Laboratory Pipettes

  • Lab Shakers, Rockers, and Rotators
    • Low Speed Laboratory Shakers
    • Reciprocal Shakers
    • Shaking Incubators
    • Adjustable Rotators
    • Nutating Mixers

  • Incubators, Ovens, and Baths
    • Hotplates
    • Stirrer
    • Hotplate Stirrers
    • General Purpose Water Baths
    • Shaking Incubators
    • Digital Dry Baths

  • Plasticware
    • Reusable Labware
    • Disposable Plastics

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