Merck products are subjected to stringent controls during development and production to ensure reliable and reproducible results. Whether for analysis or synthesis, complex or routine applications, research or production, or even cleaning or monitoring, Merck gives you a choice of premium chemicals and reagents to facilitate your daily work. And, should you need further support, you can expect the same excellent quality from our service teams around the world.

Merck Solvents

Different types of Solvents for different applications


Merck Extran®

For cleaning your lab equipment

Extran® cleans reliably, leaving no residues. Hence, it prevents contaminants from being transferred into your next analysis or test. For added certainty, Merck provides a practical and easy-to-use application aid to prove the absence of nonionic surfactant residues by means of a photometric test. This helps you prepare your own cleaning validation, thus saving you time and costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable, residue-free cleaning
  • Free from scents, dyestuffs, chlorine and other toxic ingredients
  • All active ingredients are biodegradable
  • The ideal all-purpose cleaner
  • Validation support to prove the absence of surfacants after the cleaning process

MA Extran

Spectroquant® Move

Accurate Analysis – Anywhere

The Spectroquant® Move 100 is all you need for rapid, reliable water analysis when working on site. That’s because this small, portable colorimeter covers every important parameter of drinking and waste water analysis in one instrument. With a choice of over 100 pre-programmed and 35 user-defined methods, you will always have the most suitable test for accurate results – on the spot. This means no delays, no risk of sample deterioration, and no need for additional instruments.

Feature and Benefits
  • Convenient: Easily analyze drinking and waste water with one instrument that’s pre-programmed for over 100 parameters
  • Comprehensive: Always obtain accurate results using a wide choice of measuring ranges to suit your needs
  • Robust: Useable even in wet or dusty environment thanks to IP 68 classification
  • Reliable: Secure your results using simplified Analytical Quality Assurance and enhanced documentation



Test Strips, MQuant™

MQuant™ test strips by Merck are true high-tech products – mobile laboratories on just a few square millimeters of backing, that can easily be used anywhere. MQuant™ test strips are suitable for the semiquantitative detection of ions, organic substances and inorganic substances.


Readybag® granulated media pouches

Save bags of media preparation time!


Milli-Q® Integral Water Purification System for Ultrapure Water

Milli-Q® Integral is a unique combination of optimized water purification and monitoring technologies. It allows, in a single device, both pure (Type 2) and ultrapure (Type 1) water to be produced directly from potable water. This all-in-one concept offers several benefits:

  • Provides users with complete control over all water purification steps and the final water quality.
  • Allows installation of a comprehensive water purification chain in a minimal amount of space.
  • Eliminates the constraints of centralized water stations and their distribution loops (complexity, heavy maintenance, prolonged downtime, contamination).