Scharlau Solvents/Reagents


Reagent grade – ACS, Reag. Ph Eur, ISO

This is the most frequently used grade for laboratory analytical work and corresponds to a grade of high quality chemicals for laboratory and specialized industrial use. Analytical reagents are in most cases labelled ISO ACS to indicate that their specifications comply with those of the International Organisation for Standards and the American Chemical Society. The range of “reagent grade” products includes solvents, salts, acids and bases, solutions and mixtures.

Most of our reagent grade chemicals also comply with Reag. Ph. Eur., so they are suitable for use in pharmaceutical industry laboratories.

Analytical methods used for these determinations are based on standard test procedures as described in technical publications.


Extra Pure –  Ph Eur, USP, BP, NF

This grade comprises products suitable for qualitative and semi-quantitative work. The purity specifications are usually less strict than those of the reagent grade but are significantly higher than industrial products. They are often used in organic chemistry departments for purifying synthesized products when higher grade solvents than “synthesis grade” are required. This is the reason that such products are preferentially used in the pharmaceutical industry, either as a reagent or as raw materials for production. The range of extra pure products includes solvents, salts, acids and bases, solutions and mixtures.


Synthesis grade

A grade of chemicals for laboratory use which includes solvents and reagents and which are used in organic synthesis as dissolution media for laboratory tasks and for routine research, where the higher analytical grade is not required.

Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Includes solvents suitable for use as eluents in Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography. UHPLC offers the highest resolution HPLC technique, providing the highest sensitivity and fastest analysis. Small particles, potentially present within the mobile phase while not affecting HPLC materials can become critical in UHPLC. Scharlau UHPLC-MS solvents show low organic impurity content, minimal alkali metal impurities, absence of particles (microfiltered through 0,1µm), low mass spectrometry background noise and are tested by LC-MS.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

This grade includes solvents, ion pair reagents and reagents of appropriate purity to be used as mobile phases in HPLC in analytical and preparative separations.

Our solvents undergo highly efficient distillation, solid phase absorption and other chemical treatments, which eliminate impurities that could interfere in HPLC analysis.

Our solvents are microfiltered and packed in amber-coloured bottles, which are sealed with a PTFE membrane in the cap to avoid possible contamination.


Gas Chromatography
  • GC Headspace Analysis
  • GC Ultra-Trace Analysis
  • GC Residue Analysis
Anhydrous solvents

These are high-purity solvents with extremely low water content (ppm). Anhydrous solvents are essential in both organic, organometallic and oligonucleotide synthesis and inorganic chemistry, where many reactions must take place in moisture-free conditions. Anhydrous solvents are also frequently used in combinatorial chemistry and in biotechnology. Distillation over metals to obtain anhydrous solvents is often the only really effective method but this is a hazardous process. Scharlau carries out this process for you, thus avoiding the risks involved in you preparing them in your own laboratory. Water content ranges from typically 10 to 30ppm. Scharlau guarantees the quality of the anhydrous solvent by means of strict Karl Fischer controls.

Scharlau offers two types of anhydrous solvents:

  • Anhydrous with molecular sieves
  • Anhydrous without molecular sieves


pH buffer solutions / Monobuf®

This grade includes buffer solutions used to calibrate pH meters. Scharlau pH standard solutions are accurate, reliable and directly traceable to the SRM of NIST. While our pH standard solutions are normally measured at 20ºC, we also manufacture the most commonly used pH standards (4,7 and 10) measured at 25ºC. The temperature compensation tables are printed on the labels and on the certificates of all our solutions. We also offer coloured buffer solutions, which makes identification easier and avoids laboratory errors due to the incorrect pH buffer being used. The Certificate of Analysis is always supplied with the product.

Monobuf® comprises ready-to use single dose pH buffer solutions. Each single pack contains the quantity of solution necessary to carry out a measurement, avoiding the material transfer and providing cleaner and more convenient handling.



Acids with low mercury content

Mercury is a highly toxic contaminant that enters the human food chain through river and sea water. Mercury analysis of fish is performed by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Before analysing liquid or solid samples by means of CVAAS (Cold Vapour Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) the samples are digested in mineral acids, which must be mercury-free. Scharlab’s low mercury content acids have a guaranteed maximum of 5ppb of Hg, which is the optimum for Hg determination. Scharlau low mercury content acids are manufactured according to ACS and ISO.