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Their full-line of capillary gas chromatography (GC and GC/MS) columns includes ionic liquid, MS-grade, Fast GC, GCxGC, chiral, and PLOT columns to serve multiple industries (including environmental, petroleum, chemical, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical). They also offer the most complete line of packed GC columns and components. To maximize performance, check out their comprehensive line of GC accessories (including molded GC septa, deactivated inlet liners, syringes, and vials), calibration standards, extraction solvents, and gas purification/management products (including purifiers/traps, gas generators, tubing, fittings, and pressure regulators).




Sigma-Aldrich bridges the gap between the lab and the market for innovators and practitioners. They have a new name and look but the same quality organic and inorganic chemicals for chemical synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and many other applications. Easily find building blocks, catalysts and reagents, stockroom solvents, and basic research products, paired with custom chemistry services, eLearning, and technical support from leading chemists. They bring new advancements right into your lab and enable more time for discovery.




Life Science

Their Life Science portfolio delivers products and services for life science research in academic and pharmaceutical environments. Their focus on genomic, proteomic and cellular analysis is supported by sample preparation, research reagents, intuitive detection platforms, and services to help customers better understand biological function and disease.

Discover their broad portfolio of Life Science platforms, antibodies, biochemicals, buffers, immunoassays, multiplexing Assays, sterile filtration & cell culture consumables.




The new Sigma-Aldrich Essentials glassware and plasticware is a range of day-to-day labware manufactured following high quality standards customers have come to expect from the Sigma-Aldrich brand. The volumetric glassware is manufactured to both ASTM and ISO standards to serve the global markets. The product line includes beakersdishesflasksgraduated cylinderstubesmedia bottles, and more. The plasticware is manufactured with superior medical grade resins in state of the art ISO9001 certified facility. The plasticware includes bottlescarboyswashbottlestubessample jars, and more. These product lines offer unsurpassed quality and selection at very competitive list prices.