Laboratory, Medical & Industrial Services

Maintenance and Repair
  • Hospitals and Laboratories equipment
  • Biomedical equipment specializing in Histopath equipment
  • Ultra-low freezers, Oven, Incubators
  • Periodic contracts
  • Fiber glass
  • Industrial heaters
  • Temperature control equipment
 Upgrade or Conversion
  • Microscope upgrade from halogen to LED
  • Laboratory ovens from natural flow to forced convection
  • Laboratory oven, incubator and furnace from analog to digital control
  • Calibtation of balances, pH meters and others


Water Resources Engineering

Planning to develop your water resource and sewage treatment facilities? We can help you in the design and implementation of your water system from source to distribution. We can also help increase your current capacity with little modification to the existing tanks or facilities. If in need of sewage treatment facilities, we can also handle those. Contact us if you are in need of solutions to your problem.